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T-BOX antenna

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The company has passed ISO9001, IATF16949 quality systems and ISO14001, ISO45001 environmental management systems; With years of experience in technology development, mature development system and strong product design capability, it is in the leading position in the industry; The company's products have core competitiveness and won a number of domestic and foreign patents. Through continuous technological innovation, the company has designed and developed new products to meet the needs of the market and customers, and has maintained the supporting cooperation relationship with many host manufacturers!


T-Box Antenna

4G Antenna


T-Box Antenna

4G Antenna

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1. Installation type: screw installation
2. Dimension (mm): 175 * 84 * 53
3. Operating temperature: - 30 ° C~+80 ° C
4. Standard working voltage: DC 9T6V
5. Rated voltage: DC 12V
6. Working current:<30mA
7. Impedance: 75 ± 3Q
8. Frequency: AM: 520~1710KHz FM: 87.5~108MHz
10. Gain AM: 8 ± 3db; FM: 16 ± 3db GPS: 30 ± 3db

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